An Inside Tour of Theatre for a New Audience's Brooklyn Home, the Polonsky Shakespeare Center

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28 Oct 2013

To shield performances from the noises of the street, the theatre was encased in 16 inches of concrete. Thus, during shows, none of the many subways that snake under Ashland Place will be audible. The lobby will eventually include a cafe and a book kiosk.

A group of politicians and artists gathered for the official ribbon cutting, including Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz, board member and Shakespearean actor Mark Rylance and Julie Taymor, who is directing the new theatre's inaugural production, A Midsummer Night's Dream.

"It's anonymity is wonderful," said Rylance of the all-black auditorium. "It's not imposing its character on you. It's waiting for words to fill it."

Taymor mentioned that she had worked at TFANA at every stage they have temporarily called home over the years. But she was enthused by the idea of presented a production in a new borough, for a potentially fresh group of theatregoers.

"Now I understand the 'new audience,'" said Taymor. "Now the theatre's name finally makes sense to me."

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