Beautiful Girl: The Essential Barbara Cook On Disc

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09 Nov 2013

"Live From London"

Another high-ranking favorite Barbara Cook album of mine is 1994's "Live From London." Still in the absolute peak of her lustrous voice, Cook's interpretive powers are stronger than ever, enabling her to sail across a diverse set list, where even the more unexpected choices, such as "Can You Read My Mind," John Bucchino's "Sweet Dreams" and Michael Callen (and Peter Allen)'s "Love Don't Need A Reason" hit every right note, sounding just as germane to Cook's life's work as a singer of stories as the most obvious standard. Some songs here she's sung before, such as "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Losing My Mind," but her interpretations deepen and grow and her voice fills them even more fully. Wally Harper and David Zippel's "In Between Goodbyes" is a finale on point for this set, wailing in glorious brass as the lady leaves the stage.


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