Billie Joe Armstrong Pushes Idiot B.O. Beyond $1 Million, More Than Double Previous Week

The frontman of Green Day brought the green to the box office of American Idiot the week of Sept. 28-Oct. 3. Producers announced that the show grossed $1,092,334 for the week that Billie Joe Armstrong stepped into the role of St. Jimmy.

The week before that (Sept. 20-26) the gross was a mere $480,566 and 52.6 percent of capacity. The show's weekly average gross has been $740,000 since opening on April 20 at the St. James Theatre.

This marked the Broadway debut of the musical's composer/co-author. He's now on tour with his band. No future appearances on Broadway have been announced.

Original Broadway cast member and current "St. Jimmy," Tony Vincent, will resume performances on Oct. 12. His understudies, Joshua Kobak and Andrew Call, will cover the role Oct. 5–10.