Billy Elliot — The Musical Opens in London May 11

Billy Elliot — The Musical is set to open at London's Victoria Palace Theatre May 11, after a long preview period (it began March 31) during which the show reportedly underwent a host of changes.

Liam Mower as the title character in Billy Elliot
Liam Mower as the title character in Billy Elliot (Photo by David Scheinmann)

It has finally been announced which of the three boys alternating the title role will go before the critics: 12 year-old Liam Mower. At one point, there was an idea to have three separate press nights, one for each boy (the others are James Lomas and George Maguire), but it was decided that idea was impractical.

The show, a stage adaptation of the successful 2000 film — about a boy who learns ballet against the wishes of his father and brother — sees a return to the West End for Elton John, who previously composed the songs for Disney’s The Lion King (still running at the Lyceum) and Aida (which never made it to London but played Broadway and elsewhere).

The full cast features Haydn Gwynne as Mrs. Wilkinson, Joe Caffrey as Tony, Steve Elias as Mr. Braithwaite, Trevor Fox as George, Tim Healy as Dad, Ann Emery as Grandma and Stephanie Putson as Mum. Brooke Havana Bailey, Emma Hudson and Lucy Stephenson share the role of Debbie, and Brad Kavanagh, Ashley Lloyd and Ryan Longbottom will rotate in the role of Michael.

The ensemble comprises Daniel Coll, Erica Ann Deakin, Alex Delamere, Damien Delaney, Susan Fay, Alan Forrester, Isaac James, Gillian Kirkpatrick, Chris Lennon, David Massey, Michelle McAvoy, Karl Morgan, Daniel Page, Steve Paget, Lee Proud, Mike Scott, Phil Snowden and Tessa Worsley.

The show is produced by Old Vic Productions and Working Title (the company behind such films as “Love, Actually” and “Bridget Jones’s Diary”). Stephen Daldry, who directed the film, stays on board for the stage version, as does writer Lee Hall. Choreography is by Peter Darling.

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James Lomas as the title character in <i>Billy Elliot </i>
James Lomas as the title character in Billy Elliot (Photo by David Scheinmann)