Booking It! Agent Bill Veloric Talks Representation, Showcases, Social Media Pitfalls, Out Actors and More

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23 May 2014

Bill Veloric
Bill Veloric's new feature series Booking It asks leading industry members to share professional insights, need-to-know tips and essential tricks of the trade for up-and-coming and established theatre artists. This week we speak with A-list agent Bill Veloric from Innovative Artists.

The veteran agent, who has worked in the artist representation business in Los Angeles and New York for the last 25 years, has been an agent in the New York office of Innovative Artists for the past eight years. Veloric's clients include a who's who of Tony and Academy Award-winning stage and screen stars.

Below, Veloric talks about finding the agent that's right for you, what he looks for in clients, how to create your own work, the pitfalls of social media and more.

Question: What is the best way for new talent to go about finding an agent, especially if they don't have something like a senior showcase?
Veloric: If you're not doing a showcase or if you're not in one of the schools that does a showcase, then I've always thought the best way is to be in a play. Do an Off-Broadway play and get noticed that way. There are lots of theatre companies in the city whose involvement doesn't require being cast through a casting director. There are creative groups of people who get together and care about the same type of theatre and create theatre companies together. Lots of our clients have their theatre companies as a baseline in their career, and between movie jobs and television series and their other responsibilities they always go back to their theatre companies.

We go to see everything that we have clients in. So regardless of Broadway or Off-Broadway or wherever, we go to see our clients in the plays, and there are always other people in the plays. Very often, some of these people are unrepresented and we get to know them that way.

Question: Can you speak a bit more about the value of entrenching yourself in a community of artists where you're able to create work together rather than waiting for the work to come to you?
Veloric: People should be generating their own material. I go see a lot of stuff at the Rattlestick Theatre. The plays they do at the Labyrinth are very self-generated within the community of that theatre, and I think that sometimes if you haven't really found a play with a great part for you, produce it yourself, rather than waiting for it. Try to create it yourself.

Question: Are senior showcases something agents still attend and find useful for scouting new talent, or is the window on that kind of event closing?
Veloric: Agents do attend showcases more than ever. I know that we cover the school showcases as thoroughly as we can. Personally, for me, I like to see the productions throughout the year. I find that if I'm going to sort of enter into a developmental relationship with a young actor, I like to see as much of their work as I can. Sometimes the showcases just give you a glimpse of someone and sometimes that glimpse is revealing enough, but for me, usually I like to see the production that the schools in New York do throughout the year. It's more informative.


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