Bradford, Guinan, Lavey and Petersen Cast in Steppenwolf Endgame

Casting has been announced for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company's upcoming production of the Samuel Beckett classic Endgame.

William Petersen in Endgame
William Petersen in Endgame (Photo by Callie Lipkin)

Directed by Frank Galati, performances at the famed Chicago venue are scheduled for April 1-June 6 in the Downstairs Theatre. The cast will feature Ian Bradford, Francis Guinan, Martha Lavey and William Petersen. Endgame, according to press notes, "follows Hamm, a blind man unable to stand, and his servant Clov, who is unable to sit, as they pass their days in a tiny house by the sea—if the sea still exists.  Pestered by Hamm’s parents, they move through their daily rituals, awaiting the end of everything. A powerful all-ensemble cast anchors this profound exploration of the stories we construct to make sense of our lives."

The design team includes James Schuette (sets and costumes), James Ingalls (lights) and Andre Pluess (sound). Malcolm Ewen is the stage manager, and Michelle Medvin is the assistant stage manager.

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