Broadway Scene Stealers: The Men

By Ben Rimalower
13 Aug 2013

Jeffrey Carlson
Photo by Joan Marcus

10. Jeffrey Carlson, Taboo

Taboo was not a great success on Broadway, only running a few months and getting more press for its behind-the-scenes drama than for what was happening on stage — but there was much to admire there. In some ways, it was more possible for someone in a supporting role in Taboo to make a strong impression because they were less encumbered by the messy storytelling, less mired in the plot and more able to just shine in their featured moments. This was certainly true for Jeffrey Carlson who bit into the role of Marilyn with aplomb. He mined his big song, "Genocide Peroxide," for all its punk rock power, and then managed to maintain that mystique in the scenes, even integrating it into the dry persona of his characterization, sort of Patsy to Euan Morton's Edina (to put Charles Busch's Taboo script into Ab Fab terms…). I was excited every time Marilyn entered a scene and while the show didn't last, the memory of Carlson's performance has.



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