Broadway Scene Stealers: The Men

By Ben Rimalower
13 Aug 2013

Jeff Hiller

4. Jeff Hiller, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

It's one thing to take a song that's written to be a showstopper or a scene that glistens with comedy gold and make a lasting impression on the audience. It's something else entirely to materialize out of the ensemble with precious little scripted material to showcase your talents, and yet pop like a featured star. It's a rare occurrence, but undeniably we saw this Halley's Comet kind of scene stealing from Jeff Hiller in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Jeff Hiller is an accomplished comic actor with a trademark off-center daffiness that embodied the eclectic, ragamuffin spirit of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and perfectly punctuated many moments in the musical. Even the most minor instances, as John Quincy Adams upon winning the rigged election, his comment "I never win anything" creates such an immediacy, an intimacy, and is so absurd, that it's rollickingly funny and you can't get him out of your head. Or when his face is burned and he says, "Oh my god, the flesh is literally melting off my face right now." I don't know that you'd think it of his part reading the show's script, but Hiller stole many scenes.



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