Broadway Will Dim Its Lights in Memory of Charles Durning and Jack Klugman

The marquees of Broadway theatres in New York will be dimmed Dec. 27 at 8 PM in memory of Charles Durning, who passed away Dec. 24 at age 89. Marquees will also be dimmed Dec. 28 at 8 PM in memory of Jack Klugman, who also passed away Dec. 24 at age 90.

Jack Klugman
Jack Klugman (Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN)

Charlotte St. Martin, executive director of The Broadway League, said in a statement, "Charles Durning was a memorable figure on Broadway who delighted audiences in thousands of performances. It made no difference if he was an ensemble player or leading man, his talent enabled him to show the truth and reveal the story of any role. He will be greatly missed."

St. Martin added, “Jack Klugman was best known for his role as Oscar Madison in 'The Odd Couple' on television, a role he had previously played on Broadway. In his many stage performances, as well as on film and TV, we all felt like we knew him personally; he had that kind of approachability. As with all fine actors, he made the work look effortless. Our thoughts are with his fans, friends, and family.”

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