Broadway Will Dim Its Lights in Memory of Stage and Screen Star Eli Wallach

The marquees of Broadway theatres will be dimmed for one minute June 27 at 7:45 PM in memory of stage and screen actor Eli Wallach, who passed away June 24 at age 98.

“Eli Wallach was one of the great talents of our time whose prolific acting career spanned more than six decades. His notable presence on the stage and on screen was both memorable and moving, always,” said Charlotte St. Martin, executive director of the Broadway League, in a statement. “Through the expertise of his craft, he was a storyteller in the most specific yet subtle ways. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and numerous fans, and he will be missed.” Mr. Wallach was one of his generation's most prominent character actors. He performed in more than two dozen Broadway shows, as well as countless films and television shows over more than 60 years. Mr. Wallach appeared in a myriad of roles, often with his wife, Anne Jackson.

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