Bronx Bombers BASEBALL CARDS: Christopher Jackson and Francois Battiste, Broadway's Derek Jeter and Reggie Jackson

Bronx Bombers, the new Broadway play by Eric Simonson, tells the history of the New York Yankees framed through the eyes of baseball legend Yogi Berra. As part of's Bronx Bombers Baseball Cards, we meet cast members Christopher Jackson and Francois Battiste.

Name: Christopher Jackson
Birthdate: Sept. 30
Hometown: Cairo, Illinois
Character You're Playing: Bobby Sturgis/Derek Jeter
Favorite Sport: Baseball, golf
Favorite Sports Team: New York Yankees [MLB]
Favorite Sports Hero: [Baseball player] Jackie Robinson
Sports Played Growing Up (if any): Baseball, basketball
Favorite Sporting-Event Snack: The garlic fries at Yankee Stadium
Show you made your Broadway debut in: The Lion King
Favorite Broadway show (and why): In the Heights. That whole experience was the best of my life. Every minute was shared with my family!
Did you meet and/or hear from your Bronx Bombers counterpart or their family? I haven't been able to meet Mr. Jeter, but hope to soon.
Most memorable moment from Bronx Bombers: Every night is memorable! This is a great group of guys! A real team. Always has been… and always will be!

Name: Francois Battiste
Birthdate: Nov. 3
Character You're Playing: Reggie Jackson/Elston Howard
Favorite Sport: Baseball (to play). Basketball (to watch).
Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Cubs [MLB]/Chicago Bull [NBA]/Chicago Bears [NFL] (inseparable)
Favorite Sports Hero: [Basketball player] Michael Jordan
Sports Played Growing Up (if any): Many. Of course, the big 3: baseball, football, basketball. Also (with two older brothers), wrestling/urban jujitsu.
Favorite Sporting-Event Snack: Wings
Show you made your Broadway debut in: Prelude to a Kiss (Roundabout)
Favorite Broadway show (and why): I came to NYC in '98 on a class trip and saw John Leguizamo perform Freak… Unforgettable.
Did you meet and/or hear from your Bronx Bombers counterpart or their family? Elston Howard's wife Arlene and their daughter Cheryl both came and were so very warm and gracious. Mrs. Howard hugged me and said, "You did Elston proud." That meant so much because it meant we honored this (unfortunately forgotten) Titan of a man. With respect to Reggie, I've spoken to many individuals who know him, currently coach alongside him, have interviewed him [as well as those] who've played with and against him, and they've all been favorable in their critique of how he's portrayed. [It's] just too bad he's not gonna have a chance to experience this love letter to the Yankees. Click here to view the Baseball Cards of John Wernke and Chris Henry Coffey, who play Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio. Click here to view the Baseball Cards of C. J. Wilson and Bill Dawes, who play Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle. Click here to view the Baseball Cards of Peter Scolari and Tracy Shayne, who play Yogi and Carmen Berra.