Bronx Bombers BASEBALL CARDS: John Wernke and Chris Henry Coffey, Broadway's Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio

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24 Feb 2014

Bronx Bombers, the new Broadway play by Eric Simonson, tells the history of the New York Yankees framed through the eyes of baseball legend Yogi Berra. As part of's Bronx Bombers Baseball Cards, we meet cast members John Wernke and Chris Henry Coffey.

Name: John Wernke
Birthdate: Sept. 26
Hometown: New York City, NY
Character You're Playing: Lou Gehrig
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Sports Team: Cincinnati Reds [MLB]
Favorite Sports Hero: Eric Davis [baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds]
Sports Played Growing Up: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football
Favorite Sporting-Event Snack: Nachos
Show you made your Broadway debut in: Accent on Youth
Favorite Broadway show (and why): It hasn't been written yet. The hope for that show is why I go to the theatre.
Did you meet and/or hear from your Bronx Bombers counterpart or their family? Every day. Every minute. His legend lives on.
Most memorable moment from Bronx Bombers: Looking into the eyes of any of these cast members. The odds were stacked against us from the beginning, and yet they kept coming in positive and caring every day… Catching a glance from any of them on stage affirmed that it was worth it — that this whole thing was special if for nothing else but to ourselves. Baseball isn't a game of quick moment-to-moment drama. It's like a life…boring and slow and seemingly un-meaningful until there is a swing of a bat and the momentum of the universe spurs quick results. I love it so. A game without time.


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