Christine Ebersole, Jill Paice, Nikki Renee Daniels, David Burnham, Howard McGillin Will Be Heard on Charles Bloom Recording

A host of Broadway talent will be heard on the debut recording from composer-lyricist Charles Bloom.

Jill Paice
Jill Paice

The new recording, entitled "Music and Lyrics by Charles Bloom: In Here," will be released online in October from Sonic Landscapes.

"In Here" was produced, orchestrated and conducted by David Snyder. It features an 18-piece orchestra, with Bloom’s original compositions sung by Jill Paice ( Rebecca), Nikki Renee Daniels ( Porgy and Bess), Christine Ebersole, John Dossett ( Newsies), David Burnham and Howard McGillin ( Rebecca), among others.

The complete track list follows:

1. LET THINGS GROW – sung by Josh Grisetti
2. EASY – sung by Nikki Renee Daniels
3. WHAT'S A WOMAN TO DO? – sung by Christine Ebersole
4. WHY CAN'T A MAN SING THE BLUES? – sung by Jason Graae
5. THE STRAITS OF MAGELLAN – sung by Claybourne Elder
6. A CHILDREN'S TRADITIONAL – sung by Vicki Lewis
7. YOU'RE AS GOOD AS IT GETS – sung by Damon Kirsche
8. ON THE ROAD TO WHAT YOU WANT – sung by Howard McGillin, Gregory
Jbara 9. GOOD FOR HIM – sung by Jill Paice
10. WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME LIKE THAT?!? – sung by Christy Faber
11. TO SEE YOU HAPPY – sung by David Burnham
12. CALL ME WHEN YOU'RE SINGLE – sung by Liz Larsen, John Dossett
13. CHRISTMAS AND YOU – sung by Ashley Fox Linton
14. IN HERE – sung by Aaron Lazar

An album release engagement is set for London's The Pheasantry Oct. 22-23; the concerts are produced by Peter Auker for New Musicals Network.