Composer Mary Rodgers Will Sit Down for One-Night-Only Interview, Hey, Mary, Featuring Theresa McCarthy

Music-Theatre Group will present “Hey, Mary”: An Interview with Mary Rodgers, to be hosted by Disney Theatrical Group president Thomas Schumacher, May 16 at One Arm Red.

Rodgers, composer of Once Upon a Mattress, will talk with Schumacher about her music, her muses and the world of musical theatre starting at 6 PM.

"I have always had enormous esteem for Mary Rodgers, who has been a player throughout much of Broadway’s golden age,” said Schumacher in a statement. "So naturally when [I was] offered the opportunity to conduct this interview, I leapt at the chance.”

In addition to the interview, four songs composed by Rodgers will be performed throughout the evening: “Shy” and “Yesterday I Loved You” from Once Upon a Mattress, “The Boy From...” from The Mad Show and “William's Doll” from Free to Be… You and Me. The songs will feature vocals by Theresa McCarthy ( Titanic) and John DiPinto with piano accompaniment by DiPinto.

Rodgers contributed to the score of  Working, which received a Tony nomination in 1978. She has also worked on other musicals including The Madwoman of Central Park West, Side by Side by Sondheim, Hot Spot and From A to Z.

DUMBO at One Arm Red is located at 10 Jay Street, 9th Floor. For tickets call (718) 797-1145 or visit