CUE & A REVISITED: "Pop Culture Guilty Pleasures"; Over 70 Actors Respond

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02 Sep 2013

Joanna Christie
Joanna Christie

From "Dance Moms" and "The Real Housewives," to Lady Gaga, Joan Rivers and Katy Perry, these are the pop culture guilty pleasures that entertain New York City actors when they're not busy dazzling audiences.

(Clicking on a name bolded in blue will take readers to that actor's entry in the Playbill Vault.)

Joanna Christie
"Glee." I must have unwittingly been a closet fan of musicals all along. I'm so sad to hear of the recent tragic death of one of its stars, Cory Monteith.

Sara Chase
"Dance Moms." I know. I hate me, too.

Jeff Hiller
Artistic competition shows. I might be the last person in New York still watching “Project Runway.”

Jenny Bacon
"Collapse" by Jared Diamond

Alton Fitzgerald White

Carrie Coon
"The Walking Dead"

Billy Magnussen
Pink Berry, is that still pop culture?

Nic Rouleau
"Dance Moms"

Annaleigh Ashford
"The Real Housewives." I don’t miss an episode.

Bryan Terrell Clark
Silly pop music... even Ke$ha


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