CUE & A REVISITED: What's Your Worst Flubbed Line/Missed Cue/Onstage Mishap?; 60 Actors Respond

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23 Aug 2012

Martha Plimpton

Martha Plimpton
It was in The Haggadah when I was nine years old at The Public. I asked the fourth question of Passover four times in a row. I cried for the rest of the show. Hilarious.

Lauren Kennedy
Well, there are a few that my Vanities cohorts will never let me live down. Like in one scene I was supposed to say "Don't worry Kathy, no matter what happens, we three have each other"...and for some reason I couldn't memorize that cause we were changing so much... so for about a week I kept saying, "as long as we're together, we'll never be apart." They would literally laugh in my face.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson
I completely blanked on my lyrics to "Come Up to My Place" from On The Town. I basically forgot all my lyrics to the first verse. The orchestra just kept going without me. The first lyrics that were actually sung were Lea DeLaria singing: "Did I hear right? Did you say the Hippodrome?"


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