CUE & A REVISITED: What's Your Worst Flubbed Line/Missed Cue/Onstage Mishap?; Over 75 Actors Respond

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15 Mar 2013

Victoria Clark
Photo by Denise Winters

Victoria Clark
There have been many. I guess one of the worst was when sweet Katie Clarke went into Piazza, and something we did near the beginning of the show just threw me for a loop. We were in the Ufizzi scene, and I could not remember my next line, so I just skipped to my exit line, and said to her, "Darling, things are often hard," and left her standing alone by herself in the middle of the Vivian Beaumont stage. Luckily, she had a song coming up, and she was smart enough to look down at Kim Grigsby, and they just started the song. It was in her first week of performances. She was poised and collected and quite brilliant. I told her, she was never going to have something that horrible ever happen to her again!! What a way to be baptized into the theater. Oy!!!

Julia Murney
When I was on the road with Wicked, I forgot my hat at a very pivotal hat moment and left the cast hanging onstage with no music while I raced back to my dressing room . . . there was also a time during The Wild Party when the set broke down and Brian d'Arcy James, Taye Diggs and I had to totally restage the penultimate scene as we went along.

Rebecca Luker
No big flubs or missed cues, but so many onstage mishaps!! My favorite was during Phantom when, after yanking the Phantom's mask off his face as he sat at the organ, I slipped on that awful oily fog and slid on my ass all the way upstage, where my leg and gown were caught underneath a big iron gate. Cris Groenendaal, who was playing the Phantom, had to rip me free so we could continue our onstage chase. My shin had been gouged and was shooting blood. Later I found out that the audience thought it was staged. And I didn't need stitches. Just a butterfly bandage. Good times.


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