CUE & A REVISITED: What's Your Worst Flubbed Line/Missed Cue/Onstage Mishap?; Over 75 Actors Respond

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15 Mar 2013

Sean Palmer

Sean Palmer
Well life as a swing has given me innumerable experiences to draw upon. But most recently I covered Marc Kudisch in The Apple Tree and for some reason whenever I went on for the Snake, I'd be extremely nervous. I think playing Satan has bad Juju attached to it. Twice I forgot my lines so deeply I was looking at Kristin Chenoweth like, "I can't believe she's going up on her line!" It wasn't until I got off stage that I realized I was the one who forgot. Just complete denial mixed with some delirious ego.

Sutton Foster
AGH! Probably in Millie when Marc Kudisch and Gavin Creel and I were doing the scene at the end of the show called "Scooby Doo." I got the giggles and the entire scene went down in flames. Marc made us start the whole thing over again while the audience just laughed at us.

Santino Fontana
My last scene in Billy Elliot was this very solemn, quietly angry scene where all the men in the show in orange coveralls walk onstage to go back into the pits after the strike is over. It’s also where I’d say goodbye to Billy before he went off to ballet school and then we’d slowly lower into the ground. Dramatic. Powerful. Simple. Now, right before that scene I had a quick change into those bright orange coveralls and one show, my coveralls got mixed up with one of my castmate’s who happens to wear a slightly larger size than me. Cut to 30 seconds later…my entrance…I knew I was screwed… Enter Bozo the clown in coveralls 4 times my normal size. I could barely walk in them. I looked around and everybody was laughing trying to look upstage or at the floor. And from then on, one of the boys in the cast called me "Circus Boy." Every. Day.

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