CUE & A REVISITED: What's Your Worst Flubbed Line/Missed Cue/Onstage Mishap?; Over 75 Actors Respond

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15 Mar 2013

Ari Brand

Ari Brand
While playing Claudio in the Much Ado "gulling scene," a button spontaneously flew off of my Leonato's jacket. I watched it fall to the ground, and as I contemplated how to pick it up seamlessly, I looked up to find my two co-actors staring at me, waiting for me to speak. I had no idea where we were. Luckily Claudio is kind of an idiot, so I don't think anyone noticed.

Michael Park
Too many to pick just one... but hey, mistakes provide opportunity, if not for you, then for your mates to goof on you.

Matt Lauria
High school, sophomore year: I was understudying the role of Michael in Dancing at Lughnasa and I got to go on one night.

The role has three huge narrative monologues. Halfway through my third one, I thought, "Oh sh#t! I've already said this speech...oh no, wait...have I? F*#k!"

And then I just stood there limply, staring out at the audience of moms and peers. I honestly considered bolting, but then I pictured my teacher, lurking in the wings, waiting to tackle me (she was a robust woman) and decided to take my chances on stage instead.

I vamped... badly. It was the WORST feeling.


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