CUE & A REVISITED: What's Your Worst Flubbed Line/Missed Cue/Onstage Mishap?; Over 75 Actors Respond

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15 Mar 2013

Cheyenne Jackson
Photo by Karl Simone

Cheyenne Jackson many to choose from. My pants have split many a time on stage for obvious reasons, and I missed a cue once in a production of Kiss Me, Kate; I was supposed to open Act 2 with "Too Darn Hot." Intermission was over, but I didn't hear the announcement over the intercom for places, but knew we must be getting close, so I wandered backstage just in time to hear my understudy crooning....."but pillow you'll be my baby tonight cuz it's too darn hot." I was mortified. Was it sabotage? Or was I just yapping and lost track of time? Sadly, I think the latter.

Erin Davie
I was on The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber tour; I sang "The Phantom of the Opera" with a pre-recorded ending. At the end of the song as I was taking my bow, the sound guy accidentally turned the sound back up and I ended up bowing to my own pre recorded high E.

Matt Cavenaugh
Getting thrown from the ladder on my first entrance in West Side Story. The fall resulted in bruised ribs, a lasting headache and a few choice words before the sound board operator realized he should turn my mic off.


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