Daniel Talbott's Extraordinary Things, With Chris Bellant, Denis Butkus and Jelena Stupljanin, Begins Jan. 13

Rising Phoenix Repertory presents Extraordinary Things, a new play written and directed by Daniel Talbott, beginning Jan. 13 at the Seventh Street Small Stage.

Jelena Stupljanin
Jelena Stupljanin

Featuring Chris Bellant, Denis Butkus and Jelena Stupljanin, performances continue through Jan. 26.

In Extraordinary Things, according to press notes, "a photographer brings her subject to a cold basement, and later meets her ex-lover in an old grungy bar hangout. They all circle each other, looking for weaknesses and testing strengths, as they try to navigate a desperate city landscape not far in the future in which the lines of life and death, success and failure, are drawn in stark and unforgiving terms."

Talbott's play was commissioned and written specifically for the intimate basement space of downtown restaurant Jimmy's No. 43 at Seventh Street Small Stage.

The Seventh Street Small Stage is located at 43 East Seventh Street. For more information and tickets, call (212) 946-5198 or visit RisingPhoenixRep.org.