DIVA TALK: Chatting With Forever Dusty Star Kirsten Holly Smith

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04 Jan 2013

Smith and Christina Sajous
Photo by Joan Marcus

Question: I thought there was also a great supporting cast. I especially enjoyed the scenes between you and Christina.
Smith: Yes. Just having that kind of support and being able to share the stage with this amazingly talented cast, including Christina, gives you a lot of the energy that you need to be with the project. As an actor, we're all giving it to each other… But I'm very, very blessed. All the people in the cast are very talented and have lots of training, and they're all really kind, too, which doesn't always happen! [Laughs.] They're all incredibly kind and generous, and we really like each other, which is a great feeling. It's a really great feeling, especially since we're a pretty small cast, so it helps we can just be together and have a great time on stage. All of us—it's our dream to do that for a living. To land there and have fun with the people that you're working with is really important, too.

Question: Is there talk of the show being recorded?
Smith: Yes. I don't have it in the budget right now to do the recording, but we would love to, obviously, so we're looking into it. And, somebody did come who does do recordings and is interested, but yeah, I would love to. [Laughs.] Especially, "Crumbs Off the Table" with Christina! [Laughs.] She's such a huge talent.

Question: Are you working on any other projects at the moment or is your energy totally focused on this?
Smith: It's totally focused on this right now. I have several other projects that I would love to do. I know what they are, but it's a matter of being able to give this life and having the focus and the time to be able to do that. It's pretty all-consuming at the moment. I don't think it will always be that way, but right now I think it is. [Laughs.] I'm happy that it's all-consuming.

Dusty Springfield

Question: What would you like people to leave the theatre feeling or knowing about Dusty Springfield?
Smith: I would love the audience to, quite simply, feel like they were told a really great story about a woman who, in a way, stood the test of time and how inspirational her story is and her music and the choices that she made. Although she didn't write the songs, she made the choice to sing [a particular] song at [a particular] time, and what's so wonderful about Dusty is that the music really—like I said—moves the story forward because the songs she sang were so incredibly personal to her. I want people to remember an icon and remember what, as human beings, we can do—just as a single person to help touch the world. I think that she was an example of that. She really did make choices—whether consciously or unconsciously—she made decisions that affected the world. And, I think each of us can make those decisions in our lives. [I hope audiences get] inspiration from her—from her stories and from the music—and also are just entertained. [Laughs.] I do hope it's entertaining! I hope people leave, and they're entertained, they're singing the songs, they're a little happier or a little more moved than they were before they sat down to watch the piece. I think that's what art is all about—being able to inspire people, to be able to create an emotional response that maybe wasn't there, and also just to educate them simply about who this person was.

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