DIVA TALK: Chatting With NYMF Stars Jenna Leigh Green, Karen Mason, Jane Summerhays and Lynn Wintersteller

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12 Jul 2013

Karen Mason

Karen Mason
Nightmare Alley at The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre; July 23-24

How did you get involved with this production?
My kind of audition!!! I was in NJ seeing Himself and Nora, checking out the theatre...and Jon Brielle, who I have known for a long time and who wrote the show we were seeing, came up to me and asked if I was available!!! Sounded like fun! So I said sure!

What other NYMF productions have you been a part of?
I did a one-woman musical a few years back about Dorothy Parker. It was a lot of work. And a lot of fun to work out!

How would you describe the character you're playing?
Um, I don't know! I haven't seen the script yet! Ooh, am I a bad actress?

Why do you think audiences should attend this particular production?
I think seeing any new production is important. And, knowing Jon B. and the director, Michael Bush, they are putting together a great group of people!!

Why do you think NYMF is so important?
As it gets more and more expensive and difficult to get a show produced, NYMF provides a way for new musical theatre writers and composers a chance to see and hear how it works with a NY cast (great talent!)..and in front of NY audiences. A real gift to the writers and composers!

NYMF celebrates new musicals, but which role in a classic musical would you most like to perform and why?
Ooh there are so many!!! Mame in Mame, Mrs. Lovett in Sweeny Todd, Miss Hannigan in Annie, and lots more! I would love to do Norma Desmond again!

What is your most memorable onstage mishap?
During Sunset Boulevard! It was my first time onstage shooting the gun and wearing the robe with the feather-lined sleeves. Well, the sleeves got in the way of the front of the gun, and when I fired it....well, it looked like one big exploding chicken!! Made everyone offstage watching laugh! Word of advice: always work with props in costume!!!!

What was your most enjoyable theatrical experience of the season (as a member of the audience)?
Seeing Penny Fuller in Thirteen Things About Ed Carpolotti, written by my friend Barry Kleinbort. I am in awe of Penny. She is a brilliant actor! And, Barry is a brilliant writer! And, he got the show produced! A Herculean feat! I was so proud of them!

Do you have any other projects in the works?
Well, as a matter of fact, I am working on a play I wrote called Unfinished Business. Barry Kleinbort and I have written this about my time with Brian Lasser, my friend and Music Director for 16 years. We are using Brian's music to help tell the story. I am so very proud of it. It is giving me a different appreciation of working on a new piece!


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