Following Casting of Rooney Mara in "Pan" Film, Online Petition Requests Racial Diversity from Warner Brothers

Following the announcement that Academy Award nominee Rooney Mara ("The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," "The Social Network") will play Tiger Lily in the film "Pan," an online petition has circulated, protesting the lack of racial diversity in the film, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The film, which is slated for a July 17, 2015, release, will tell the story of how a young orphan boy became Peter Pan. It will feature Tony Award winner and Academy Award nominee Hugh Jackman ( The Boy from Oz, "Les Miserables") as Blackbeard, Garrett Hedlund ("Inside Llewyn Davis," "On the Road") as Hook and Levi Miller ("Terra Nova") as Peter. The Care2 petition, which now contains more than 4,000 signatures, objects to the casting of a Caucasian woman in the role of a Native American, saying, "The casting choice is particularly shameful for a children's movie. Telling children their role models must all be white is unacceptable."

The petition also reads, "Yet it stars Mara and two white guys - Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund. Not so multi-racial after all, Warner Bros. Tell Warner Bros. to stop casting white actors to play characters originally written as people of color!"

The movie "Pan" is not the first time a white actress has been cast as Tiger Lily; the 1960 recording of the musical Peter Pan featured Sondra Lee in the role. The musical will be presented by NBC in December 2014; no casting for the live TV production has been announced.