Free Reading of Wrapped in Pink Fairytale Will Feature Josh Walden, Rebecca Watson and Alma Cuervo

Robin Carus, Josh Walden and Adam Fitzgerald will present a free reading of Wrapped in Pink May 26 at 6 PM at Pearl Studios.

Directed by Fitzgerald, Wrapped, which has a story by Walden, was written by Jason Huza.

The reading will feature the talents of Alma Cuervo, Megan Gerlach, Christopher deProphetis, Jonny Hsu Lee, Sandra Karas, Rebecca Watson, Richard B. Watson, Ellen Zolezzi and Walden.

Wrapped in Pink, according to press notes, is a "fairy-tale set in a world of castles, carriages, and fairy godmothers. But there is no evil queen or dragon to slay. What sets the story in motion is a man, Abbot, and his desolation at having born a son. Abbot’s unrequited love, Annabella, swept away from him in a marriage of convenience, bore a boy. It was Abbot’s plan to have a daughter so that he may work behind the scenes to see his and Annabella’s children wed, in order to at least be close to his one true love. Myriam, his son raised as a girl, is Abbot’s last hope at reconnecting with Annabella. But the truth must, and always does, come to light. Wrapped in Pink is the story of that light, and how the world, imperfect, will find a way to interject."

A talkback with the audience will follow the reading.

Pearl Studios is located at 500 8th Ave., Studio 1209. Although tickets are free, seating is limited; email for reservations.