From Dating Disasters to Finding The One, Broadway's First Date Cast Shares Most Memorable Dates

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06 Jul 2013

Blake Hammond

Blake Hammond (Waiter/Casey's Father/ Blaze/Friendly Therapist)

My most memorable first date happened about 15 years ago. It was a blind date, and I had been told by a friend that this was a special guy but a bit overweight. Well, hello, I'm a bit overweight, too — no big deal, right? So, my date walked into the bar and he was (how can I put this delicately?) about a 400-pound man. I wasn't really sure how to proceed. I knew instantly this was not for me. This would never work. But being a kind person, I thought, "Just have a drink and be polite — no harm done." Here's where it gets really memorable… After about 15 minutes of talking and laughing and getting to know this man, I realized that he was absolutely charming and adorable and successful and well, damn attractive. We had a splendid evening and dated for about six months. I learned a lot about myself that night and how quick I was to judge the book by its cover. It's a lesson I try to never forget.


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