Fuerza Bruta Wayra, Featuring Live Music and New Scenes, Sets Off-Broadway Opening

S2BN Entertainment and OZONO Productions announced June 18 that Fuerza Bruta Wayra, which was previously slated to arrive Off-Broadway in the spring, will now open in New York this July. 

According to producers, "the culmination of the De La Guarda legacy, Wayra takes the audience on an 80-minute thrill ride from beginning to end, with an extra 20 minutes of heart thrashing fun, fast paced and upbeat live music, on-stage musicians, and breathtaking aerial displays. The newly designed set and scenes are sure to present fans of the previous incarnations (and new fans alike) with fresh experiences and guarantee that Wayra will be a theatrical thrill that floods the senses." The production previously played London and Buenos Aires. Performances will begin June 27 toward a July 8 opening. It will also feature live music as part of the evening.

For more information or to purchase tickets in advance, visit fuerzabrutanyc.com.

Fuerza Bruta is an Argentinean-founded multi-sensory spectacular created by artistic director Diqui James and musical director Gaby Kerpel, the same creators of De La Guarda. Fuerza Bruta is produced by Ozono Producciones and S2BN Entertainment.