Full Of Shine And Full Of Sparkle: Top Ten Jerry Herman Songs

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07 Dec 2013

1. "It's Today" from Mame

I love "It's Today" so much. Lucky for me, there are three different Jerry Herman songs, all with the same melody. Besides "It's Today" from Mame, there's "Showtune" from Parade and the title song from Jerry's Girls. Of course, the wonderful message of "It's Today," that every day is a day to celebrate, is an inspiration for much of Herman's work, but I think his lyrics for "Showtune" really sum up what makes his songs such a treasure: 

There's just no tune, as exciting
As a showtune, in two four
When it's played, you can just tell
There's footlights everywhere
When it's played, you can just smell
The greasepaint in the air
It's a smart beat,
That's inviting
It's the heart beat, of the score
There's just no tune, as exciting
As a showtune in two four

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