Get In On the Act:'s Guide to Immersive Theatre

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23 Feb 2014

Dinner and a show doesn't have to involve a restaurant and a theatre anymore; instead, audience members might find themselves enjoying a meal sitting next to a cast member or sipping on specially crafted elixirs served to them by an agitated Mad Hatter or harried White Rabbit.

Theatregoers can now be a part of the show by paying a visit to one of the many immersive theatre productions in New York that invites audiences into the experience. These site-specific productions, which are performed on interactive sets that embody the plays' locations rather than onstage with audiences watching, invite theatregoers to get in on the act. Attendees can witness a love story unfold in 19th-century Russia, take part in a rave in an abandoned hotel in downtown Chelsea or fall down the rabbit hole into a Wonderland located inside a mental institution.

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