"Gotta Dance!" — Imagining Musical Episodes for "Girls," "Modern Family" and More

By Benjamin Solomon
09 Mar 2014

Playbill.com offers a list of TV shows that should feature musical episodes in their upcoming seasons.


There is no shortage of Broadway stars on television these days. Even the most unlikely of shows (for example, "Homeland") feature song and dance men and women moonlighting as detectives, serial killers and high school teachers. Thankfully, for Broadway fans, the temptation to create a musical episode of these TV shows seems stronger than ever.

Over the last decade it has become popular for long-running televisions shows to find a silly reason for their stars to "Glee"-out a bit. A brain aneurism on "Chicago Hope" made cast members break into song, while electroshock therapy on "American Horror Story: Asylum" transformed Jessica Lange into Shirley Ellis. Though the concept can be traced all the way back to a dream sequence on "I Love Lucy,' most credit the '90s CW drama "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" for popularizing the trend with an episode that saw the residents of Sunnydale breaking out into musical numbers at the behest of an evil demon.

And it's a trend that's not disappearing anytime soon. ABC's "The Neighbors" and USA's "Psych" recently joined the party. Even "The Good Wife" released a music video!

Click through to see a selection of TV shows that should feature a musical episode. 


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