Have Website, Will Dish: Bad Love Related by Blog Mavens at P.S. 122, Feb. 11

Blog internet culture and classic New Yorker anti-romanticism coalesce at Off-Broadway's P.S. 122 on Feb. 11 when 11 bitter, lovelorn web diarists gather to share their stories of Worst. Sex. Ever.

The one-night-only evening (strategically positioned three days before Valentine's Day) is curated by Chris Hampton, who waded through the world of blogs, the on-line life journals kepts by the famous and anonymous alike (blog is short hand for "web log"). She found six men and five women who are willing to share their woeful tales of sexual misadventure with a live audience. Worst. Sex. Ever. will feature readings by Blaise K. (bazima.com); Paul Ford (Ftrain.com); Choire Sicha (editor of gawker.com); Kiri (noncestrealite.com); Andy Horwitz (andyschest.com); Jennifer Landry (MoufaIsBad.com); Dori Mondon (SaranWarp.com); Josh Bernstein (My So Called Strife); Brian Grosz (Doctor Grosz) and Chris Hampton (uffish.com).

Worst. Sex. Ever. will be presented at 7:30 PM. P.S. 122 is located at 150 First Avenue at 9th St. Admission is $5 at the door. For more info call (212) 477-5288 or visit www.ps122.org.