"I Can See It": Reimagined Revivals With New Casting Concepts

By Ben Rimalower
26 Oct 2013

All-Puppets Spamalot

And just to make sure I don't start getting hate mail from puppets for pushing them out of Avenue Q, how about an all-puppet Spamalot? Mike Nichols' original Broadway production was maybe the funniest thing I've ever seen onstage, and with an absurdly stellar cast led by Tim Curry, Hank Azaria, David Hyde Pierce, Christopher Sieber and Sara Ramirez, it could hardly be bested. That said, the material is so over-the-top ridiculous that it might be fun given the straight-on performance puppets provide, where the focus is more on the words and situations, without the distraction of specific human expression. Maybe Basil Twist could provide an animatronic chorus line like he did in his sensational collaboration with drag legend Joey Arias, Arias With a Twist.


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