I Want to Be a Smash: Top Ten Show Tunes to Make the Pop Charts Since 1964

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26 Apr 2014

2. "Aquarius"/"Let The Sunshine In"

Superstar soul quintet The 5th Dimension's medley of "Aquarius" and "Let The Sunshine In" from Hair capitalized not only on the enormous success of the musical, but more significantly on the watershed moment in history for which the show's impact was perfectly timed. It was an era when the revolution of rock and roll and rhythm and blues was echoing the major societal upheaval occurring throughout the world, and Hair was a Broadway show that didn't merely echo that; Hair in its way and particularly through the monumental success of "Aquarius"/"Let The Sunshine In," was part of that upheaval. Accordingly, it was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks and is listed as #57 on Billboard's "Greatest Songs of All Time."


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