James Barbour, Michael Nouri, Eddie Korbich, Jessica Rush Star in May 21-22 Workshop of New Musical Serrano

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21 May 2012

James Barbour
James Barbour

Mark Wolper, David Geha, Steve Sunshine, Spencer Proffer and Phillipa Sledge present an industry workshop production of the new musical comedy Serrano – Poet, Lover…Hitman! May 21 at 1 PM and 4:30 PM and May 22 at 2 PM at Foxwoods Studios.

Based on the French classic Cyrano de Bergerac, the musical is written by Madeline Sunshine with music by Robert Tepper. Joel Zwick directs.

The cast features James Barbour, Chad Doreck, Brian Beacock, Michael Nouri, Jessica Rush, Michelle Duffy, Eddie Korbich, Paul Romero, Jamison Stern, Jennifer Simard, Jay Winnick, John Schuck, Michael Farina and Ray McLeod.

"Serrano D'Angelo (James Barbour) is a street-smart renaissance man, and mob enforcer, who's recruited by the notorious Don Reyo to polish his crude and foul-mouthed nephew, Vinnie," according to press notes. "Serrano must teach Vinnie how to be charming enough to seduce the beautiful daughter of a judge who sits on a case involving Don Reno; if Vinnie succeeds, the judge would have to recuse himself from the case. But soon after Serrano accepts the Don's challenge, he learns that the girl Vinnie must seduce is none other than Rosanna, the love of his life!"

Foxwoods Studios, Studio A is located at 214 W. 43rd Street.

Industry folk interested in attending the workshop should e-mail thuebel@martianentertainment.com or call (212) 302-4848.