Julie Andrews and Idina Menzel Discuss "The Sound of Music," "Frozen" on Broadway, Wicked on Film and More on "Watch What Happens Live" (Plus Video)

Tony Award winners Julie Andrews and Idina Menzel were Andy Cohen's guests on the May 1 installment of Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live." The celebrated actresses discussed numerous showbiz topics, including the film adaptation of Wicked, a stage production of "Frozen" and Andrews' thoughts on the NBC live presentation of The Sound of Music.

Cohen asked Menzel if she had been approached to appear in the film adaptation of Wicked. "Yeah, as the mother of Elphaba," she laughed. "I would die to be in, except I'm afraid Kristin [Chenoweth] and I... they told us we're a little over the age for that."

Menzel also said she was open to the possibility of starring in the announced stage adaptation of the hit Disney animated film "Frozen," in which she voiced the character of Elsa and introduced the Osar-winning song "Let It Go."

Menzel also addressed John Travolta's now-infamous mispronunciation of her name at the Academy Awards. "For eight seconds I felt very sorry for myself," Menzel confessed. "It threw me a little, but now it's like the best thing that ever happened," she laughed.

Andrews also expressed her thoughts on NBC's live presentation of The Sound of Music. "To be honest, I had a lot of questions about that," Andrews confessed. "Because everybody was hoping I'd do something, or slander it or something. You know what, it's 50 years ago since that wonderful film was made. I think it was time that somebody else took a crack at it to be truthful, that's what really I felt."

Andrews was also asked to comment on the performance of Grammy Award-winning country star Carrie Underwood, who portrayed Maria von Trapp in the NBC presentation. "I thought she was great," Andrews said. "She made it her own. But listen, acting is acting is acting. That's all open to interpretation." Watch the videos below: