Lauren Molina, Kate Rockwell, Mitch Jarvis and Dee Snider Will Offer Rock'N Roll & Debauchery at the Cutting Room

Lauren Molina, Kate Rockwell, Mitch Jarvis and Dee Snider are among the artists who will be part of Rock'N Roll & Debauchery, an evening presented by Studio 7Arts, April 24 at The Cutting Room.

Rock'N Roll & Debauchery will begin at 7 PM and is directed by Bryan Campione, production manager Kit Williams and executive director of Studio 7Arts Angel Reed. Partial proceeds from the event will benefit former Rock of Ages cast member Michele Mais, who is battling breast cancer.

Performers include Snider ( Rock of Ages), Jarvis ( Rock of Ages), Molina ( Sweeney Todd, Rock of Ages), Rockwell ( Rock of Ages, Bring It On), Justin M. Sargent ( Rock of Ages), Genson Blimline ( Rock of Ages, South Pacific), Anne Fraser Thomas, Leigh Ann Larkin ( A Little Night Music), Tracy McDowell ( Rent), Eric Michael Krop ( Godspell), Nicole Patullo, LaShonna Hollaway, Silviya Taseva, Julia Royter, Autumn Burnette, Brandon Glasgow, Kit Williams, Napua Davoy, Gabriel Canett, Ashlee Hofmann, Jacob Storms, Constanza Palavecino, Chris Bean, Reggie Bruce and Angel Reed, among others.

Hosted by comedy magician Larry Wilson, the evening of magic, music and performance "will be a collaborative effort of some of New York's most talented performers that includes an interactive pre-show with performances by MIX'T Dance; a concert benefiting the organization and Michele Mais ( Rock of Ages) with the Rock of Ages band, Arsenal; and a post-performance concert by The Annie Minogue Band."

Alessandro Pellicani, Jen James Martin, Sheena DiMatteo and Adam Cates provide choreography.

The Cutting Room NYC is located at 44 E. 32nd Street. For more information and tickets, call (212) 691-1900 or click here. To make a donation, visit or email