"Measure in Love": Members of the Theatre Community Reflect at Thanksgiving; Words from Elaine Stritch, Jordan Roth, Lynn Ahrens, Lindsay Mendez and More

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28 Nov 2013

Liz Larsen

Actress, Anika Larsen, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical:
I am thankful for my colon, or as I now affectionately refer to it, my semi-colon. In August, four days into rehearsal for Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, I had to have emergency surgery to have 8 inches of it removed. If I'd waited 5-10 hours to go to the hospital, my colon would have burst and I would have died. So I'm also grateful to be alive. And incredibly grateful to everyone involved with Beautiful, since they helped make it possible for me to recover on the job. But as your turkey and stuffing successfully pass through you this year, you should take a moment to be grateful for your colon, too.

Actress Liz Larsen, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical:
All my son (who is now 17) ever wanted to do was play sports and I couldn't have been happier. But about eight months ago, he got involved in a teen theatre company that does very high-end productions, called kidz theatre. (The talent and the work ethic are both off the hook.) Being an actor is now all he wants! So, what I'm most grateful for this year: BEFORE kidz theatre: "Mom, if you are so talented, why aren't you rich or famous?" NOW: "No one can believe you are actually my mom!"

Luciana Lenihan, head usher, The Phantom of the Opera (With Phantom since the beginning):
I have been an usher for Phantom since the beginning at The Majestic Theatre over 25 years ago. I still marvel at the artistry of the show: The haunting music and lyrics, the dark and mysterious lighting, the amazing sets, the wonderful choreography…

At the end of the show each night, I continue to be touched by the audience's reaction. They come from all over the world and speak different languages, but they all understand the universal language of Love. They are moved by the story of the Phantom and his love for Christine.

Phantom is a must see when in New York City along with the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. And I count myself fortunate to be part of this wonderful Broadway production.

Actor Telly Leung, Godspell, Allegiance:
Thanksgiving is often thought of as a "family" holiday, and when I think of "family," I think of the many people that are in my theatrical family. I am an only child and I think deep down, I love being an actor in the Broadway community because every cast I join is a whole new bunch of brothers and sisters that I get to add to my ever-growing theatre family. I'm thankful for all the brothers and sisters that have enriched my life on stage and off - and all of the ones yet to come. Happy Thanksgiving!


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