"Measure in Love": Members of the Theatre Community Reflect at Thanksgiving; Words from Elaine Stritch, Jordan Roth, Lynn Ahrens, Lindsay Mendez and More

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28 Nov 2013

Elaine Stritch

Record producer, Rob Sherr, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, How to Succeed...:
There's only one Broadway, and it's here in New York City. A sound that is truly New York and to its theatrical community. Broadway is an original and will continue to be so, thanks in part to local 802 (AF of M), Actor's Equity and AFTRA, not mention from my end, NARAS (The Grammys). All of these parts make my job so much easier and rewarding when producing a cast album for the ages.

Stage manager Matthew Silver, A Life in the Theatre:
My cloistered gypsy bloodline burns with gratitude for there existing a community of people that are stranger than I; a community of people that demonstrate daily that one can come from any background, and be welcomed in the dusty halls of dress up and make-believe; a community of storytellers that day after day reinvent ways to discuss truth; and most of all, a community of people that try, and fail, then dare to hold their heads high and try again. I am inspired by you all, and ever thankful to have been allowed to play a small part in keeping lit the gypsy flame that burns within us all.

Actress Elaine Stritch, Company:
For my new life in Birmingham. My family and the wonderful people around me that have embraced me here - and Hunter, Rob, Julie, Chiemi - everyone that comes from New York to visit and plot to steal one (or three) of my Emmys when I leave the building.

Actress Holland Taylor, Ann:
At this point in my life, I'd say the most comforting [thing] in being a grateful denizen of the theatre is the long-term friendships: the actors, directors, crews one has worked with again and again, overlapping families from shows – maybe decades' worth - and that spreading warmth in my chest as we reunite, and perhaps feel that other self we once were, and what our times together meant. For me, it's now from a span of nearly fifty years. Our runs were not "work-a-day," but rather heightened by uniquely intense labors, and the often comical times we had. Memories might be as complex, even painful, as thoughts of battle, or filled with rue, like old graduation pictures. (An actor, instantly recognizable, from my first Broadway show, popped up at the very end of Ann's run.) What is true is, no history has the provenance, the patina, of the packed, long memoir, always ready to burst into life, that is the perennial reunion of the theatre.

Actor Wesley Taylor, Little Miss Sunshine:
I'm thankful for my onstage lover in Little Miss Sunshine, the genius that is Josh Lamon.

Actor Michael Urie, Buyer & Cellar:
I am thankful for my Buyer & Cellar stage managers, Hannah Woodward and Sam Horwith. It's a one-man show, so they're all I've got! They are cheerful, easy going, terrific at their jobs, and most of all keep me laughing. Whether cat videos from Hannah or the requisite pre-show joke from Sam, I always walk onstage happy! Thanks, you two.


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