Newsies and Other Broadway Musicals Will Be Featured in Behind The Scenes Miniseries for Lifetime

Broadway Across America has announced that the touring companies of Newsies, Motown, Annie and Pippin will be featured on Lifetime television’s award-winning morning show “The Balancing Act” as part of the six-part series “Broadway Balances America,” airing August 2014.

The "Broadway Balances America" six-part miniseries is presented by both "The Balancing Act" – a Lifetime program aimed at providing women with exceptional solutions to the everyday problem – and Broadway Across America.

 In a statement, Lauren Reid, the CEO of the Theater Divison for Broadway Across America said, “Broadway musicals are not just the New York art form; they are the great American art form," and according to press notes, the series will offer, "exclusive behind-the-scenes excerpts and interviews with cast, creatives and crew, even experiencing what it’s like to dance in their shoes."

"The Balancing Act" correspondent Amber Milt will join these casts across the country and in New York to give audiences perspective on what it is to travel, work and live the lives that the artists do every day. 

One of the final segments to air will introduce viewers into the Broadway Classroom – an opportunity to see students being introduced to all elements of the Broadway industry and in collaboration with performers and industry professionals. 

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It airs at 7 AM ET/PT. 

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