ON THE RECORD: John Bucchino and David Campbell Get Personal in Moving New Album

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10 Aug 2014

John Bucchino


John Bucchino on David Campbell Sings John Bucchino:

1. "Sweet Dreams": I was living in LA, and was walking down Hollywood Boulevard. A bus pulled up and a young man and woman got off, each carrying a backpack with a metal frame, as if they had their whole lives on their backs. The image of them stuck in my mind, and I went home, imagined what their story might be, and wrote this song. Judy Collins sings it on the "Grateful" CD, and it's also been recorded twice by Barbara Cook.

2. "Something Spontaneous": A song about the complexities of a relationship between two bright, articulate types. There has only been one prior recording of this, on a self-produced CD by Bill Wright called "Always Love" (the title is also a song of mine, sung by Wright in a duet with the late great Nancy LaMott.)

3. "Unexpressed": I wrote this song and put it aside thinking, "Naah, that's not very good..." About a year later, I happened to come across it and, luckily, remembered how it went. I started playing it over and over and now it's my favorite song of mine. Years after writing it, I heard a Braham's "Intermezzo" ("Opus 118 in A major") and realized that I'd sub-consciously stolen a snippet of both chords and melody for the lines "... something clear, something true..." If you're going to steal, steal from the best! This song is on both the "Grateful" CD, sung by Adam Guettel, and the CD of my revue It's Only Life, sung by Gavin Creel. It has also been performed by Audra McDonald.

4. "Puddle of Love": This song has only been recorded on a CD of mine called "Solitude Lessons," a homemade CD on which I sing all the songs and play all the instruments (available for sale and download through my website.) It's one of the few songs of mine with a jazz feel, and it's great fun to play. The piano solo is different every single time.

5. "Better Than I": David was in NYC when I wrote this (for the DreamWorks animated movie "Joseph, King of Dreams") so I asked him if he'd sing on a demo of it I was making to send to the producers for approval. I had an ulterior motive: I wanted them to hire him to sing the part of Joseph (spoken by Ben Affleck.) But, sadly, they hired a singer from California to avoid the cost of flying David in from Australia. A few months later, I was in a screening room watching a rough cut of the "Better Than I" scene. Jeffrey Katzenberg, the head of DreamWorks Animation, was sitting behind me and I was thrilled to hear him say "I like the other guy": David! So he got the gig after all.


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