ON THE RECORD: John Bucchino and David Campbell Get Personal in Moving New Album

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10 Aug 2014

6. "Learn How To Say Goodbye": This has never been released before. It's also the newest song on the CD, and I'm so happy to have it included. Since many of the songs are older, it's good to have this one represent my more recent writing. My favorite musical component is the chords: I love how a progression of chords can emotionally elevate a lyric.

7. "It Feels Like Home": I moved to NYC with a partner way back in the 80s. Sitting in our tiny new apartment, surrounded by boxes and not much else, I wrote this song. The first demo of it was sung by Lois Sage. Daisy Prince sings it on the "Grateful" CD, and Jessica Molaskey sings it on the "It's Only Life" CD. One great thrill was to hear Audra McDonald sing it, a cappella, at the opening of Carnegie's Zankel Hall.

8. "What You Need": This song was written during the same time, and the same relationship, as "It Feels Like Home." We lived on the Bowery, a pretty rough place back then, but also a haven for all kinds of artists. A sax player lived across the hall and I would play along with him through the walls. Panhandlers would wash car windows at stop lights in hope of spare change. My relationship was foundering, and I incorporated these environmental specifics into a song about that. The only other recording of it is sung by Billy Porter on the "It's Only Life" CD.

9. "If I Ever Say I'm Over You": Written at the end of a 7-year relationship. This is songwriter Jimmy Webb's favorite song of mine. He even mentions it in his book, "Tunesmith." He asked me to accompany Art Garfunkel on a demo of it he was pitching to get a new record deal, which is how I met Art. Art sings it on the "Grateful" CD, and Brooks Ashmanskas sings it on the "It's Only Life" CD.

10. "Taking The Wheel": I was living in LA, and no one was paying any attention to my songs. I felt I needed to do more to make something happen, and this was written as a pep talk to myself. Brian Lane Green sings it on the "Grateful" CD, and Gavin Creel sings it on the "It's Only Life" CD, backed by the cast in a spectacular vocal arrangement by Jason Robert Brown. David also recorded it previously and it was the title of one of his CDs.


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