ON THE RECORD: John Bucchino and David Campbell Get Personal in Moving New Album

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10 Aug 2014

11. "Grateful": I was cleaning house one Saturday, vacuuming, when I found myself at the piano singing the chorus and weeping. The most "lightning bolt of inspiration" songwriting moment I've ever had. But all I had was the chorus, which I played over and over for weeks, not knowing how to write the rest. One day I just forced myself to sit at the piano until I finished the song. I was having dinner with Art Garfunkel that night and, instead of meeting at the restaurant, I asked him to come over first to hear my new song. When I finished playing it, he said: "Don't give that to anyone else... IT'S MINE!" He began closing his shows with it, and recorded it on his own CD, "Across America." It's subsequently been recorded by David Campbell on his early CD, "Taking The Wheel;" by Michael Feinstein on the "Grateful" CD; by Brian Lane Green on his self-titled CD; by Brian Stokes Mitchell with the Mormon Tabernacle choir; by Billy Porter on "It's Only Life;" and by various other artists. The lyric was also illustrated and turned into a Harper Collins children's book by Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. My dream is to have it be the national Thanksgiving song, which is slowly happening. It's being performed in more and more churches and at events all over the country during the Thanksgiving holiday season.


Let me only add that "Sweet Dreams" and "Grateful" remain favorite Bucchino songs for me, now joined by "Unexpressed," "It Feels Like Home" and the new "Learn How to Say Goodbye." And "Something Spontaneous," "If I Ever Say I'm Over You" and — oh, hell, the rest of 'em. I thank John for his set of notes — yes, I am truly and duly grateful — and suggest that you print them out and read them while you download and listen to "David Campbell Sings John Bucchino."

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