One Man Breaking Bad, Featuring All 60 Episodes in 60 Minutes, Will Play Edinburgh Festival

One Man Breaking Bad, a one-hour show performed by one man and featuring all 60 episodes of the hit show "Breaking Bad," will play the Edinburgh Festival in U.K. this August.

Los Angeles actor Miles Allen stars in the one-man show, which will play The Stand Comedy Club III & IV Aug. 13-24.

Here's how the show is billed: "Sixty Episodes in 60 Minutes. One Man Breaking Bad. See your iconic favourites come to life: Walt, Jesse, Saul, Skyler, Hank, Walt Junior, Mike and Gus Fring! LA actor Miles Allen has had over a million hits on YouTube, displaying both his acting and his incredible mimicking abilities. See him in Edinburgh after the sell out Melbourne Comedy Festival season of the world premiere of this incredible tour de force."

One Man Breaking Bad premiered in March at The Kelvin Club as part of the 2014 Melbourne Comedy Festival.

"Breaking Bad," which starred Tony Award winner Bryan Cranston, played on AMC from January 2008-September 2013.

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