ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Catching Up With Jane Krakowski and Picturing a Disaster!

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08 Oct 2013

Jane mentioned that when she was younger, she had a really low, raspy voice. Years after the Milliken Breakfast Show, she was chatting with Graciela Daniele (who was the choreographer) and she told Jane that when everyone heard her Bea-Arthur-at-12-years-old voice, they knew they had to cast her. However, while Jane was doing Starlight Express she kept losing her voice and went to the doctor. Turns out, she had a crazy low voice because she had a polyp! Jane had to go to Joan Lader, the voice therapist, who told her it wasn't because of the way she sang, it was because of the way she spoke! Joan advised her to do voice lessons and for a year, Jane had show up every week and read a paragraph from a book to learn how to speak in a non-damaging way. She said it was "horrific" but the polyp went away. And, after reading a paragraph a week for a year, she finally got through "War and Peace." First of all, that last weak joke isn't true; when I asked Jane what book she read, she had no memory. Secondly, that joke was a product of my childhood: for some reason, back in the '70's, when you wanted to reference a really long book, it was always "War and Peace." Does anybody remember? Was that the only long book written back then?

Jane also told the NOCCA kids about a lesson she learned when she was around their age. One time her mom was driving her to rehearsal for the Milliken Show, and there was traffic coming in from New Jersey. They finally got to rehearsal but Jane was five minutes late. She said that a man named "Tiny" (whom Jane said was HUGE) reprimanded her in no uncertain terms and told her that she should never, ever be late for anything. Jane said it was so effective (and traumatizing) that she is always on time for rehearsals, half hour, etc. I shall refrain from commenting on my own amazing reputation which involves many frantic text messages from people asking "Are you almost here!?!?!"

Right after Jane and I did our tech rehearsal, we filmed a promo for Disaster!. I sent Jane the Andrea Martin video and she came up with the concept for this one. So funny! It's most hilarious if you watch the Andrea Martin one first. Watch

This week we start tech for Disaster!, but I'll still be able to do my "Chatterbox" on Thursday at 5 at Don't Tell Mama. The adorable Bobby Steggert from Big Fish is my guest and, speaking of Thursday, Unbroken Circle has a show that night at 7 PM! The final performance is Oct. 27 so get thee! Here's the page that has all the amazing review quotes and video clips.

Go enjoy the cool weather and peace out!

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