ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Megan Mullally and Seth in a Land Down Under

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26 Feb 2013

On Thursday, we were able to get a VIP tour of the Sydney Zoo which was amazing. We did the up-close Koala experience, which was so cool. They are adorable. But we were not allowed to touch them. Why? Apparently, they all have Chlamydia. Who knew Koalas were such tramps? Then we fed and pet a Wallaby (adorable) and also saw the bird show, which was right on the bay with the Sydney Opera house visible. Stunning!

I met Megan for a rehearsal that afternoon and she told us that she's now obsessed with Sydney and wants to move in. We did our first show Friday night at the Sydney Theatre, which is run by Cate Blanchett and her husband. It's has 900 seats and all three shows were sold-out! Megan is a big star in Australia and the screaming and applause throughout the show made me feel like I was at a rock concert. But instead of the house erupting in crazy stomping and cheering after a Metallica song, it was after Sondheim's "Losing my Mind." Amazing! It was the same type of show I do in Provincetown (and currently once a month in New Orleans at Nocca) where each song is broken up with a mini-interview. Of course, Megan was hi-larious.

I asked about "Will and Grace" guest stars and she said one of her favorites was Madonna. Turns out, Madonna was a big Karen Walker fan and she requested that most of her scenes be with Megan! Megan said that Madonna was a very hard worker and rehearsed a lot to get her scenes perfect. I asked what she was called around the set and Megan said people called her Madonna but apparently she prefers to be called M. Megan thinks it's easier to be in public that way. She said that if Madonna is out with some girlfriends and one says "Hi, Madonna!" everyone will stampede. But if they say, "Hi, M" people won't be interested. I guess…unless they're major fans of Auntie Em. Anybody?

Megan said that Cher was the opposite of Madonna in that barely anyone saw her. She thinks Cher was simply lowered onto the set to do her scenes and then airlifted back up. Megan remembered that Cher had her own enormous mini-trailer parked on the set and one day the cast and writers snuck into it and took pictures of themselves laying all over the place. Thankfully, Cher never found out. Cut to: She reads this column and takes Megan to small claims court.


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