ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: No Crying Over Spilled Wine (or Spilled Blood?!) After Lend Me a Tenor

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11 Aug 2014

Seth with Kevin Ryan and Stephanie J. Block
Seth with Kevin Ryan and Stephanie J. Block

A week in the life of actor, radio and TV host, music director and writer Seth Rudetsky.


Hello from London! Or should I say "hallo"? You'll be happy to know I've been hauling out my self-described British accent since I've been here; I insist on pronouncing London as "Loondon" and every sentence I utter sounds like a question whether it is or not. And, of course, I call any person I meet "love." Pronounced "loove."

Instead of being thought a British native, the only result I've gotten so far is James wondering if the UK gives quickie divorces. Regardless, let me begin this column pre-London. On "Seth Speaks," my SiriusXM radio talk show, I had Stephanie J. Block and Kevin Ryan, who's the head of Covenant House. Covenant House is for kids who don't have anywhere to live. There are many reasons for kids not having a home: being kicked out, parents disappearing, escaping abuse as well as the fact that the foster care system ends at 18. Imagine being 18 and trying to afford a place to live with no job/education/savings. Covenant House (now in 21 cities throughout the US, Canada and Latin America) takes in these kids and makes a "covenant" with them; that includes them paying "rent" which is put into escrow and then given back to them when they leave in order to pay rent on their actual apartments.

Kids there learn life skills: how to interview for a job, how to balance a checkbook, how to cook and sometimes truly basic things like learning how to read. Stephanie came up with an idea last year (BroadwaySleepOut.org) that has become an annual event. Broadway folk spend a night sleeping on the sidewalk to get a sense, no matter how small, of what it feels like to not have a home. Each Broadway person raises money that goes to Covenant House. So many great people are doing it, including my SiriusXM co-host Christine Pedi (donations can be made on her website ChristinePedi.com) and more info can be found at CovenantHouse.org.

Stephanie came on the show to talk about the Sleep Out and mentioned that her husband Sebastian Arcelus is joining her. She then whispered "It's not the first time we've slept together." Speaking of which, when she walked into the studio, I immediately noticed what has now become an overused term in every celebrity rag: a so-called "baby bump." I was too scared to ask if she was pregnant, especially after reading Ellen DeGeneres' hilarious book where she re-enacts her side of an awkward conversation. It basically has her trying to save face with, "Oh! You're not pregnant? Sorry, sir. So... men can't get pregnant? Oh... I thought I read somewhere they could." Anyhoo, Stephanie is indeed pregnant. Five months! I did have the chutzpah to ask her who the father is. She immediately responded "Possibly the Beibs." Brava on the quick wit!

On Wednesday night we left for London! We had some signature sass from the flight attendants. When the coffee cart went by, James and I noticed only two percent milk. We were both filled with dread and incredulousness. Surely they had delicious half and half with their coffee and not gross 2% milk. Or at least the option of whole milk.
Flight attendant: Coffee?
James: Do you have half and half?
Flight attendant: We have milk.
James: (nervously) 2 %?
Flight attendant: (exact same line reading) We have milk.


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