ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Seth Gets "Smash"-ed; Audra McDonald and Will Swenson Get Hitched

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08 Oct 2012

The middle of the week involved a fun Seth Speaks with Andrea Martin, Kathie Lee Gifford and Michael Urie. Kathie Lee talked about her upcoming show Scandalous, which is in tech right now. It's a musical about Aimee Semple McPherson, who was an evangelist but had a lot of scandal attached to her: three marriages and a (probable) fake kidnapping! It originally starred Christine Ebersole in the first reading, but she had to drop out when she got another gig. Kathie Lee didn't know who to replace her with. The late producer Pierre Cosette was visiting her and when he heard the music, he recommended Carolee Carmello. Kathie Lee didn't know her work, but once she saw her, she knew Carolee was perfect, and she's had the part ever since. If you've never seen Carolee, watch this amazing Obsessed video where Carolee adds an extra high note to her role in Mamma Mia!

Andrea Martin was there to promote Gilda's Club for which she's done a lot of fundraisers. Glida's Club is a great organization that helps not only people with cancer but any of their friends and family. James and Juli got so much help there when James' mom had cancer, and I highly recommend it for their programs, chat groups or to simply stop by and relax in their library. Go to GildasClub.com for tons of info. Andrea and I also talked about her upcoming 54 Below show Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night at 7 PM. It is funny! Here's Andrea and I doing an Obsessed video.

Tickets at www.ticketweb.com/snl/Search.action?query=andrea+martin

Finally, Michael Urie came on to promote his new TV show called "Partners," which was created by the two guys who created "Will and Grace." We chatted Broadway, and he mentioned that when Bernadette Peters was a guest star on "Ugly Betty" (I'm sure she wasn't asked to bring her own outfit), Michael racked his brains trying to figure out a way to talk to her. Finally, he approached and told her he was thinking of getting a dog, which, he informed us, was a complete lie. The next day, however, she showed up with two dogs so he could choose which one he wanted! Busted! He picked one he named "Sprouts," and now he travels with him back and forth from L.A.! I love that Bernadette took his (faked) interest in getting a dog and took it 1,000 steps further by bringing two actual doggies to the set! He had no choice but to adopt one. In improv terms, she "Yes and'd" him to the 10th power.


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