PHOTO CALL: A Look at Wallace Shawn's The Designated Mourner at the Public

The Public Theater and Theatre for a New Audience's co-production of Wallace Shawn's The Designated Mourner began performances June 21 at the Public Theater.

André Gregory stages the first New York revival of the play that features Shawn (Aunt Dan and Lemon, "My Dinner With Andre," "The Princess Bride"), Deborah Eisenberg and Larry Pine – original company members from the 2000 New York production. It will run through Aug. 25.

According to the Public, The Designated Mourner "is a monologue-triptych in which three artist-intellectuals recount their experiences as their once-liberal country sinks into political crisis. A famous poet-intellectual, his daughter, and her husband—people made of very different moral fiber despite their shared highbrow interests—witness the subtle and flagrant transformations of everyday life, public affairs and personal relationships until they finally are dragged into the middle of things themselves. This searing and disturbing drama, prescient of much that occurred during the Bush/Obama years, has been called Shawn's masterpiece." Here's a look at the production:

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