PHOTO CALL: A Surprise Proposal for Alice at Wonderland Closing Performance

At the May 15 closing performance of Wonderland on Broadway, leading man Darren Ritchie surprised the cast and audience by getting down on one knee and proposing to leading lady, and long-time girlfriend, Janet Dacal. [Editor's Note: Subsequent to this event, the couple split up and were not married.]

After the cast took their final bows, Ritchie told everyone to take a seat as he began to speak on behalf of the cast about their journey through the looking glass. He then brought forward the show’s leading lady, Dacal, who plays a modern New York City mom named Alice, to tell her that she was “the most amazing woman [he's] ever met” before getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him.

Here's a look at the proposal moment and final curtain call: