PHOTO CALL: Broadway Dreams Foundation Presents First Annual Women in the Performing Arts Symposium

On August 9, The Broadway Dreams Foundation presented the first annual Women in the Performing Arts Symposium which celebrated the vibrant, creative women who share their passion through artistic expression.

The event was sponsored by Bernstein Global Wealth Management and, according to press notes, the first symposium focused on "women who make a difference through their efforts to create, sustain, and grow performing arts education" and featured "an expert panel of women taking a closer look at the current financial state of the educational and professional arts environment".

The symposium was moderated by playwright Theresa Rebeck and included Anne Bucciarelli, Victoria Bussert, Mariann Cook, Kaitlin Hopkins, Barbara Mackenzie-Wood, Catherine McNeela and Amy Rogers on the panel.

Broadway Dreams Foundation will honor two women each year who make significant contributions to the performing arts in conjunction with the symposium - the first recipients were Heather A. Hitchens, executive director of the American Theatre Wing, and Charlotte St. Martin, executive director of the Broadway League.

Here's a look at the event: